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Natural MRSA Cure

A natural, effective MRSA cure is now available to people suffering from a difficult-to-treat bacterial infection. If you have exhausted your options and are researching new treatments for MRSA, bacteriophages could offer the relief you are looking for.

A new way to fight superbugs safely and effectively

MRSA infections are on the rise. Every year, more than 1.2 million people in the USA are infected with an MRSA, and many cannot be treated with antibiotics.

But nature has devised its own remedy against these devastating bacteria. Even the most resistant superbug can be defeated by its matching phage. Only recently made available in USA, this innovative, natural treatment has proven to be remarkably effective and absolutely harmless to all forms of life: human, animal, and plant.

Natural Antibiotic for MRSA

Bacteriophages, or "phages", act as a natural antibiotic for MRSA. Phages are viruses designed to attack and infect bacteria, offering a completely natural, painless and effective MRSA cure.

By finding the phage for your superbug, we can treat:

  • Skin Infections, including acne and furunculosis
  • Wounds, burns and skin ulcers
  • Oral, nasopharyngeal, sinus and eye infections
  • Gastro-intestinal infections
  • Pulmonary infections associated with cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis)
  • Infections associated with a weakened immune system

At Eliava Institute, we have more than 80 years of experience in developing successful treatments for MRSA, even their most highly resistant form.

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