Our Board

The Eliava Institute comprises 64 staff, including 40 researchers focused on identifying new MRSA cures. An additional 50 specialists work for the Institute on a contract basis to help discover new, natural staphylococcus treatment for patients worldwide.



Dr. Revaz Adamia (CV)

"In loving memory"



Chief of Scientific Council
Dr. Mzia Kutateladze (CV)
Eliava Institute Director



International Relations Manager
Naomi Hoyle


General manager
Nodar Razmadze (CV)


Head Physician
Dea Nizharadze (CV)
gvasalia Dr. Gvasalia Guram (CV)
tvildiani Dr. Levan Tvildiani (CV)
kartozia Dr. Maklhaz Kartozia (CV)
balarjishvili Dr. Nana Balarjishvili (CV)

Our Staff

MD – Internal Medicine 
Lia Nadareshivli
MD phD – Pediatrics
Pikria Zhvania
MD – OB/Gynecology
Nino Odeshelidze
MD – OB/Gynecology
Irma tedoradze
MD – Urology 
Levan Pipia
Ia Kutateladze
Office Manager 
Ketevan Saralidze
Ekaterine Qoqoshvili