About us: ELIAVA Institute and the Eliava Phage Therapy Center -The World Center for Bacteriophage Therapy


Felix D'Herelle

The Eliava Phage Therapy Center offers hope to thousands of patients with multi-resistant and chronic bacterial infections. Our team of medical specialists work with the Eliava Institute microbiologists to provide effective treatment with bacteriophage. An option more people are turning to due to highly resistant infections that have failed to respond to conventional medicine.

The history of the discovery of bacteriophage goes back to  1917  when a Canadian scientist named Felix D'Herelle discovered bacteriophages- viruses that could be used to fight many infectious diseases in humans. However, with the discovery of penicillin, the bacteriophages were abandoned in most parts of the world.

Natural Antibiotics

Although ignored elsewhere in the world, the study and use of bacteriophage continued in the Soviet Union, where antibiotics were not widely available. The misuse of antibiotics has created the problem of superbugs and have left many with untreatable infections. Bacteriophage therapy is the use of “good” viruses to treat antibiotic resistant or chronic bacterial infections. The bacteriophage virus relies on its host bacteria for its replication. Once it penetrates the target bacteria and replicates inside, it destroys the bacteria and then releases multiple phages  which go on to penetrate other bacteria, repeating the process as a chain reaction. After all of the ( host cells) bacteria have been infected by phage, the phage leaves the body.Bacteriophage has a unique mechanism of action which prevents the side effects often seen with antibiotics by only infecting the pathogenic bacteria it is targeting and does not harm the good bacteria. This effect makes it a preferable treatment modality for gastrointestinal disorders like functional disorders or disbalance of the microbiome.  The Institute of Bacteriophages, later renamed the Eliava Institute in honor of its founder, scientist George Eliava, has become the leading research and treatment center for bacteriophage therapy.

For close to a century now, The Eliava Institute has collected, selected and bred bacteriophages for use against numerous bacteria (www.eliava-institute.org). Today, Eliava microbiologists, working within a network of eight laboratories, have created bacteriophage preparations capable of fighting persistent, dangerous and antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Eliava institute has selected and numerous phages against following microorganisms:

Staphylococcus: S. aureus; S. epidermidis; S. saprophyticus Streptococcus: S. pyogenes, S. sanguis, S. salivarius; Enterococcus spp.;Salmonella :S.paratyphi A, S. paratyphi B, S.typhimurium, S. enteritidis , S. heidelberg, S. newport, S. choleraesuis, S.oranienburg, S. dublin, S. anatum etc. Shigella: Sh. flexneri (serovars 1,2,3,4); Sh. sonnei ( 6) ; Sh. newcastle,  Pseudomonas; Proteus : P. vulgaris; P. mirabilis.

*Please ask if you do not see the bacterium which is causing your infection, it may be possible to develop a custom preparation for you.