"I have finished the treatment with bacteriophages for "Klebsiella Pneumoniae" 40 days ago. I made my urine analyses again recently and I am very happy because the bacteria does not appear anymore and i feel great. After many months of treatment and trying all kind of antibiotics i was afraid of this life-threating bacteria because nothing really worked. But now i am fine thanks to you and the whole team for preparing the Bacteriophage treatment. Without this treatment today i probably still be on antibiotics trying to survive this ugly bacteria, or maybe even worse. I have all my respect for you and other researchers from the Eliava Institute. Thank you for saving my life.

Also i hope that you continue the Bacteriophage therapy because it can save a lot of people. In Romania many people get sick each year and many of them die after they had surgeries in hospitals with very bad hygiene. Romania needs this kind of therapy and it should be advertised more there.

 Thank you very much,”

 D.P., Romania


“Vielen Dank für die gute und erfolgreiche Behandlung in Ihrer Klinik.
Ich bin ohne Voranmeldung und festen Termin nach Tiflis in Ihre Klinik gekommen. Dort wurde ich sehr freundlich und korrekt aufgenommen. Meine Englischkenntnisse sind nicht besonders gut, sodass mir eine Übersetzerin zur Hilfe bereitgestellt wurde, die perferkt deutsch spricht, da sie mehrere Jahre in Deutschland gelebt hatte. 
Es wurde eine grundlegende Analyse über den derzeitigen Gesundheitszustand durchgeführt, mit Laboruntersuchungen und technischen Geräten.
Weiterhin wurden intensive Gespräche geführt über den Ursprung und Verlauf der Krankheit. Mir wurde geholfen und ich bin sehr dankbar darüber. Ich habe vollstes Vertrauen und würde jederzeit meine Familie und mich in die Hände der Ärzte und deren Können begeben. Ich bin froh, dass es so eine Aternative bzw. Heilungsmethode wie die Phagentherapie gibt.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen”
G.H., Germany

“In 2011 I contracted a very stubborn and worrisome bronchitis.  I was diagnosed with bronchiecstasis on my left lung, infected with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.  The doctors have attempted  two very agressive antibiotics courses but I had no relief from the symptoms and the virulence of the bacteria.  I started a systematic research for a cure and I became aware of the possibility to be treated with bacteriophages at the Eliava Institute in the Republic of Georgia.  I was initially reluctant to try something new and different, and it took another year until I went to Georgia for the treatment.  My situation at that time was not very good, I still had a difficult, very productive bronchitis and I was on a low dosage but continuous antibiotic, that gave me some negative intestinal side effects. 

After only a month of cure with the phages  I started seeing  a clear improvement in the quantity and the quality of the bronchial secretions, and I regained hope.  Unfortunately the bacteria afflicting me it of a very stubborn type and after a great initial improvement I also had moments of exacerbation of the infection. However, the positive trend continued and a year later, the lung infection has been significantly reduced and it is kept under control without taking strong and harmful antibiotics.  I am still doing the phages, ten days a month, via nebuliser, as prescribed, as I am convinced now that the success of the treatment also lies in its perseverance.   The treatment is easy to continue at home, painless  and most importantly, has no negative side effects.  

Regarding the Eliava Institute, I was impressed by the professionality of the medical team that cured me and touched by the compassion and the genuine friendship I found there from doctors, scientists, nurses, etc, in their intention to restore my hope and my health.”

C.Z., Italy

"In 2011, doctors wanted to take out half of my pelvis and amputate my right leg. This was not considered curative – it was all they had to offer for my MRSA bone infection.  Long story short, a friend discovered the George Eliava Institute, and in 2014, I am free from infection and my open wounds are healing.  Bacteriophages saved my life."

 C.G., U.S.A