The Eliava Phage Therapy Center - located on the grounds of the Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology (EIBMV)  in Tbilisi, Georgia - is a culmination of the scientific and medical expertise of a more than 90 years of experience in bacteriophage therapy. The modern clinic focuses on treating various antibiotic resistant infections with bacteriophage. The specialists include internal medicine, pediatrics, urology, gynecology, ENT, endocrinology and surgery

The clinic is staffed by specialists experienced in treating difficult, chronic bacterial illnesses including;

         §  Skin and soft tissue infections associated with burns, wounds, bites from humans, animals, or insects, cellulitis, abscesses, folliculitis, impetigo and pyoderma

       §  Bone and joint infections such as bacterial arthritis and osteomyelitis, infected prostheses

         §  Eye infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis

         §  Urinary tract infections associated with prostatitis, urethritis and cystitis

        §  Ear, Nose, Throat infections associated with sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, and otitis externa

         §  Respiratory infections associated with cystic fibrosis and chronic respiratory diseases

         §  Infections of oral cavity, such as gingivitis and stomatitis

           §  Gastrointestinal conditions such as bacterial gastroenteritis and bacterial overgrowth syndrome, irritable bowel disorder


 Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, is a lively blend of East and West, with many historical sites, museums, shopping and good food. It is a safe city, coming from the Georgian culture of reverence for guests. Its blooming tourism industry makes tours around Georgia readily available and inexpensive.  We work with several tour operators which offer specials to patients from our clinic ( Read more about Georgia on Wikipedia ( link )  and youtube ( link 


How to apply:

§  The first step in preparing for treatment with bacteriophage is sending of a sample from the infected site for bacterial analysis and phage sensitivity testing. Inquire for more details on how to do this via email:

§  Provide a short summary of medical history, preferably written by your physician, other relative medical documents

§  We will review your case with our team of physicians and specialists, and suggest a treatment plan based on the sensitivity testing and medical history.


Treatment Options:

1.      Treatment at our clinic – (most effective) – Patients visit the Eliava Phage Therapy Center from around the world to combat antibiotic resistant infections with the Eliava’s unique collection of therapeutic bacteriophages.  Treatment at our clinic under the "complex medical service plan" includes necessary diagnostics from bacteriological analyses to routine blood work, ultrasound, CT, MRI and all medical tests deemed necessary by our medical team, specialist physician consultations including internal medicine, urology, gynecology, pediatrics, endocrinology, neurology,  ear, nose and throat specialist, dermatology, rehabilitation massage and surgical consultations and treatment with standard bacteriophage preparations and other medicines.

2.      “Distance” treatment with our experienced physicians involved (less, but still effective for some medical conditions), this involves treatment from home country, under the Helsinki Declaration, or the personal importation policy of the FDA (USA). In this case, treatment with our phage medication is performed under the supervision of your doctor. As the medical use of phages is not yet FDA approved, the treatment can be performed only with a written consent of you and your doctor.


Prices for different types of treatment:

Initial bacteriological analysis and phage sensitivity testing: 

§  The initial sample tested at the Eliava laboratory is $85 USD; It determines if your bacteria is sensitive to the standard phage preparations or if a custom (autophage) or enhanced phage should be prepared for you.

§  There are over 600 bacteriophages in our collection, sensitivity testing allows identification of the appropriate phage for your particular bacterial strain. It is possible to improve the efficacy of a particular phage against your bacterial strain, or to develop a new custom preparation for bacteria which is resistant to the standard phage preparations

Local treatment (clinic) (most effective)

      §  7-14 days – $3900, for difficult cases – over 14 Days – $3900 + $300 per day

§  includes all medical exams, labs, applications and phages.  All additional charges will be explained and agreed upon before they are incurred.

§  Extra cost for сustom prepared “autophage” made on an individual basis (+$1000) or enhanced phage (+$300) if needed.

§  Surgery is assessed on a case by case basis and approximate pricing is provided after review of records and bacteriological analysis and phage sensitivity testing.



§  $1900 includes online consultation with doctor

§  Repeat bacteriological analyses and phage sensitivity testing

§  Extra cost for сustom prepared “autophage” made on an individual basis (+$1000) or enhanced phage   (+$300) if needed.)

§  Treatment in the USA, where treatment with our phage medication is performed under the supervision of your doctor. As the medical use of phages is not yet FDA approved, the treatment can be performed only with a written consent of you and your doctor. (FDA Regulatory Procedures Manual; Chapter 9: Import Operations And Actions).

» You can download the doctor and patient consent form HERE. 

Fill out and send the signed originals together with your clinical sample and a medical report (describing your disease and current condition). Our medical team will prepare a treatment plan which will include   what form, dose and amount of the medicine you need for treatment. This plan will be sent together with the appropriate bacteriophage preparations, which will be standard phages, enhanced preparations, or individual “autophage” preparations, based on the sensitivity testing results.

Approximate prices for travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia.

Citizens from most western countries, do not require a visa to enter Georgia.  for more information.

Roundtrip from:  New York- $1100-$1500; Paris, London, Munich, Rome, Vienna -$400-$600;

                              Istanbul, Moscow- $80-200: Prices depend on season and carrier.

Hotel in Tbilisi: – $ 40 to $340/ day or
 1-2 bedroom furnished apartment: – $500 per two weeks

Meals: – $ 20 to $30/day ( Georgian Cuisine is delicious!!)

English speaking Driver with a car: – $80/day or $800 per two weeks;

Translator for English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Chinese-  approximately $200 dollars/week